Clean air technology.

Our technology combines powerful compounds with UV light to create a way to prevent viruses and other pathogens surviving while also combating pollution and cleaning the air.

For those questioning whether it is safe to use public transport again – our technology makes it safer.

For those nervous about going to work or living at home in a polluted environment – our solution is here to help you.

The Fan

Our Yellow Collective fan is an easy-to-install system – decontaminating the air by accelerating natural processes.

As air passes through the fan, contagious viruses and other pollutants are destroyed – cleaning the air and preventing them from settling on surfaces and being transmitted to others.

With low power usage, packaged in a compact size, our fans don’t get in the way. They quietly protect passengers, staff and the public. We also produce different sizes to accommodate large and small places, both inside and out.

From trains, buses, transport hubs, work spaces, in vehicles, homes, shopping centres, community centres and even outdoor polluted spaces, our fans keep the world moving safely.

The Coating

Using our coating on door handles and surfaces kills contaminants on contact and helps reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens.

Safe to use and long lasting, our coatings reduce the need for rigorous deep cleaning, creating cleaner and safer spaces to work, travel and play.

Where can I get these products?

These products will be available for everyone soon.

At the moment, we’re working with businesses to put our products into shops, on public transport and in community buildings.

If you want to find out more, contact us, or fill in our form on the homepage to be the first to hear all our latest news.

Yellow Collective